Natural fabrics made on the looms
spinning wheel
Pashmina cashmere



Hand loomed cotton blankets


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Baby Quilts Baby Quilts


Fashion in Cotton

Apparel made with handloomed cottons: Running yardage or finished clothing like Sarees, Scarves, Stoles, Lungis, Towels, Printed Fabrics, Bed sheets, bed covers, hand block printed fabric, furnishings, blankets, chaddars, etc.

We produce almost any fabric on hand looms. Handlooms are our Pride.


Baby Quilts

Art With Cotton:

  • Khadi Cotton Towels Regular & Light Weight
  • 100% Cotton Beach Towel (hand woven)
  • Khadi Chaddars & Khes
  • Quilted Bed Spreads and Throws
  • Cotton Baby Qulits
  • Cotton Baby Blankets
  • Scarves Stoles