Natural fabrics made on the looms
spinning wheel
Pashmina cashmere


Hand loomed cotton fabric


FABRICS 1 2, 3


Cotton Fabric:

Cotton needs no introduction. We present cottons made on hand looms. Our aim is to promote villages and this ancient art of textile weaving when man's only source of fabric was home made textiles. Simple yet purposeful and meaningful eco friendly way of converting the filaments of cotton plants into yarn and then weaving it into fabric for personal use.

Later it turned into a vocation for many of those who loved making textiles. Machanization around the globe has diminished the demand & production of this type of fabric. We, in India, still follow this tradition to large extent and proud to be one of the top most country using handlooms on professional level.

We produce almost any fabric on hand looms. Handlooms are our Pride.