Natural fabrics made on the looms
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Pashmina cashmere

Pure Cashmere Collection (2012-13)

Beautiful finest hand embroidery on Colorful Pure Pashmina made by hands   Colorful Pure Pashmina made by hands


Pashmina Embroiery by hands   Beautiful finest hand embroidery on Colorful Pure Pashmina made by hands   Beautiful finest hand embroidery on Colorful Pure Pashmina made by hands Beautiful finest hand embroidery on Colorful Pure Pashmina made by hands


Best Kashmir Pashmina   Best Kashmir Pashmina   Best Kashmir Pashmina Colorful Pure Pashmina made by hands



Looms of India: The only place to fulfill all of your requirements of natural textiles & fabric made by hands. These fabrics are made by villagers especially women in remote villages of India. Fabrics having exlusive appearance, special textures and inherent rare qualities of man made textiles using natural fibers, are processed by hands.

Exquisite Pashmina made in Kashmir, Wraps, stoles, shawls made of this treasured heirloom fabric: A special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalays in Kashmir- India , & Tibet is the only source of fleece used to produce yarn for Pashmina. Word "cashmere" is a renamed "Kashmir Pashmina" & loosley connected to pashmina. Our specialty is hand spun & hand loomed Pashmina (Cashmere) which is produced exclusively in the valley of Kashmir, the only place in the World. The famous world renowned Pashminas are also excellent examples of workmanship of the hand looms.

Delicately Spun by hands and similar dedication by artifsans to hand weave it, makes it one of the most soft feather like natural fabric availble in the world.

Then painstaking time consuming addition of beautiful finest needle work embroidery on the pashmina stoles, shawls produce one of a kind garment in the world. uncomparable, without any match. It is a prized possesion for the buyer. Some major differences between Kahsmir Pashmina & other Pashmina

Wool: Sheep, Lamb, Yak, Goat are some of the major sources of fleece used to produce yarn for all woolens/woollens. Either 100% wool or a blend with other yarns is used to make apparel, furnishings, interiors items. Our specilaity is hand loomed wool which is nice to feel, soft on skin and provides employment to hundreds of illiterate village folks whose only way to make a livelihood is to weave the fabric on looms.

Silks: Hand spun, hand woven silks are beautiful, graceful and a means of livelihood to a large population in the villages of India. This is Khadi silk which is produced in Eastern, Central, Southern States of India. Khadi or Khaddi (as a spinning wheel called in India), has slight lustre, heavy yet soft fabric with slubs, most suitable for all types of garments, interiors furnishings etc. Its available in various colors to make the world colorful.

It is warm in winters and cool in summers. Very popular silk for almost anything, be it apparel, or furnishing material.

Eri silk which is produced in North-East States of India. Eri worm feeds on castor leaves and the yarn produced by this worm is very sturdy, without any luster and most suitable for all types of garments, interiors etc.

Eri silk, is a sought after type of excellent silk which is derived from the open ended cocoons of the moth. In this process the moth is allowed to mature and fly-out. This is no violence or peace silk. Major products of Eri, also called Endi silk are Shawls, blankets and garments. It has very special texture and gets softer after each wash. This peoperty makes eri silk very desirable in all types of climates. It is warm in winters and cool in summers.

Silk garments : A Designer's delight: This rich textured, exclusive fabric is a designer's delight by all measures. I am happy to supply any quantities of this ageless fabric to any destination in the world.

Cotton: Cotton needs no introduction. We present cottons made on hand looms. Our aim is to promote villages and this ancient art of textile weaving when man's only source of fabric was home made textiles. Simple yet purposeful and meaningful eco friendly way of converting the filaments of cotton plants into yarn and then weaving it into fabric for personal use.

Later it turned into a vocation for many of those who loved making textiles. Machanization around the globe has diminished the demand & production of this type of fabric. We, in India, still follow this tradition to large extent and proud to be one of the top most country using handlooms on professional level.

Linen: Linen textiles are some of the oldest & strongest vegetable fiber in the world. Linen is made from the fibers of flax plant. The life of this fabric is very long, super cool to feel in hot and humid envoirment, very absorbent & a lint free fabric. One of Its significant property is absorbing and losing water quickly which makes is a fabric of high value & most in demand for summers. Slightly expensive fabric, this is a designer'rs delight.

It is super cool in summers.

Exotic Lotus Fabric: This is a truely amazing fabric because of its origin. Very non traditional with limited availibilty, the yarn for this fabric is derived from the extremely fragile and delicate strands of Lotus stem. Very few craftsmen know the handling of these strands to convert it into a yarn. With super perfection these stands are spun into yarn for weaving. Ultimate fabric produced on hand looms is so attractive with such a beautiful drape that its hard to resist to own such a master piece. Its is not only a means of livelihood to select few but satisfaction of creativity that goes into it with the love & care & about 6000 stems for producing of 1 meter of the fabric. The fresh smelling fabric is really uncomparable to anything else in the textiles. A very expensive fabric, this can be a designer's delight.

It is warm in winters and cool in summers.


We supply almost any fabric on hand looms. Handlooms are our Pride.

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