Natural fabrics made on the looms
spinning wheel
Pashmina cashmere


Beautiful gorgeous embroidery on real best delicate pashmina from Kashmir, all hand spun & hand woven on looms




Colorful Plain Yarn Dyed Kashmir Pashmina

A special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalays in Kashmir- India , & Tibet is the only source of fleece used to produce yarn for Pashmina. Word "cashmere" is a renamed "Kashmir Pashmina" & loosley connected to pashmina. Our specialty is hand spun & hand loomed Pashmina (Cashmere) which is produced exclusively in the valley of Kashmir, the only place in the World. The famous world renowned Pashminas are also excellent examples of workmanship of the hand looms.

Addition of beautiful finest needle work embroidery on the pashmina stoles, shawls produce one of a kind garment in the world. uncomparable, without any match.

We produce almost any fabric on hand looms. Handlooms are our Pride.

Differences between Kashmir Pashmir Pashmina & other Pashminas.

1. Kashmir Pashmina is a product of Art with labor, made by artisans, while other pashminas are products of labor

2. Each piece of Kashmir Pashmina is different expecially embroidered one. No two pieces are exctly alike because it total hand work by an artist. Other pashminas, can be exactly duplicate of each other because production of these involves machines at some stage of manufacturing. Plain Kashmir Pashmina can be made in duplicate, but embroidered is almost impossible to duplicate. So there are limited stocks per season which involves wholes years efforts by artisans. Kashmir Pashmina is rare, limited and expensive.

3. Kashmir Pashmina is always with natural fringed ends, never twisted fringes. One of the most expensive fibers, Pashmina fiber in itself is finest and gives natural fringes which bind the ends perfectly.. Other pashminas are mixed with other fibers so twisted fringes can be made easily and these bind the ends.

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