Natural fabrics made on the looms
spinning wheel
Pashmina cashmere


Beautiful gorgeous embroidery on real best delicate pashmina from Kashmir, all hand spun & hand woven on looms





Exquisite Pashmina made in Kashmir

A special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalays in Kashmir- India , & Tibet is the only source of fleece used to produce yarn for Pashmina. Word "cashmere" is a renamed "Kashmir Pashmina" & loosley connected to pashmina. Our specialty is hand spun & hand loomed Pashmina (Cashmere) which is produced exclusively in the valley of Kashmir, the only place in the World. The famous world renowned Pashminas are also excellent examples of workmanship of the hand looms.

Addition of beautiful finest needle work embroidery on the pashmina stoles, shawls produce one of a kind garment in the world. uncomparable, without any match.

We produce almost any fabric on hand looms. Handlooms are our Pride.

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